Jasper Gold

Species: Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Bio: Our protagonist of this tale. After Jasper retires from bounty hunting and decides to start a new life as a farmer, his new found quiet family life is swiftly taken away from him by his past. Now Jasper must take up his gun once again and track down the criminals in search of his lost daughter.


Samantha “Sammy” Gold

Species: Black-tailed Jackrabbit.

Bio: Jasper’s daughter. Born with a black spot around her right eye, and fur resembling freckles (traits from her mother, Charlotte), Sammy lived happily with her father, Jasper in a cabin in the hills.



Luellen Cunningham

Species: Western Banded Gecko

Bio: Luellen was born and raised on her family’s impoverished farm. As a child she was sold to a wealthy family who valued her as a house servant. She later worked for Madam Cunningham’s “House of Doves” and soon after met Maude O’Dell. Since then, Luellen and Maude have been the best of friends.


characterbio_maudeMaude O’Dell

Species: Opposum

Bio: Maude is the daughter of Willis O’Dell from the O’Dell Mining company. Despite her small size, Maude has a strong personality that may come off as uncouth and rude, but deep down inside she is a very sweet girl who cares deeply for her father and is devoted to protecting his life’s work.



Species: Common Gator

Bio: The leader of a notorious gang that terrorized the west. Jasper managed to stop Luke and disband his gang, but Luke managed to locate Jasper’s whereabouts and exact his revenge on Jasper.


Rufus “Ruffles” Brooks

Species: Great Horned Owl

Bio: Once a member of Luke’s gang, Rufus has disconnected himself from Luke and has dubbed himself the leader of the vulture gang. Rufus likes to think himself as a businessman, although his tactics are not the cleanest, nor in any way legal.


William Miller aka “Miller the Killer”

Species: Common North American Raven

Bio: After fighting alongside confederates in the Civil War, William returned home to his father’s farm; only to find the farmhouse set ablaze, with his family still inside. William traveled west as a gunman for hire and is currently working for Rufus.