For those of you wondering what happened to the previous chapter, to simply put it; I was unsatisfied with it.

I felt the story was too weak, the artwork was sub par, and many of the world building choices I made just did not feel right with me. I know that sounds silly coming from me, as I am both the writer and artist behind Jasper Gold, but I know I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I had just gone forward with what I had, and published it to be a staple of the Jasper Gold narrative. You might also be wondering why this page is in black and white, and not fully colored like the previous chapter. Jasper is a story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since it was conceived a few years back. But it is also an experimental project. The first chapter was an assessment test to myself to see where my skills lie, and over the course of the story, there has been improvements in lots of areas, as well as trials and errors. Coloring was just another experiment. Moving forward, I hope to continue the story without any major interruptions like before.

Thank you again for reading Jasper Gold, and I genuinely hope you have all been enjoying it so far!