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Jasper Gold 05 – Cover
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  1. At last, new content! What a lovely Christmas present! Thank you, Jamil!

    • jamilsart

      Thanks Mark. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

  2. Bazza

    “Coming to a cinema near you, rated R!”

    Looks like Jasper Gold is back in business! Also looks like he’s gonna raise some merry hell…

    • jamilsart


  3. mac

    saw this on /co/ & new immediately id like it. I was not disappointed! keep up to great work.

    • jamilsart

      Thanks Mac. I’m glad you enjoyed it so far. Hope you stay for the wild ride!

  4. TacoBob

    Huzzah! Great to see that we will be getting more Gold!

    And is it me, or does it look like that rat/dog looking guy standing next to the bunny-girl isn’t wearing any pants? o_o

  5. Tjimmy1999

    Oh no. Native Americans! I’ve seen fairly enough old western stories, besides Red Dead Redemption, to know where this is going.

  6. I have waited a long time for this.

    The freckled bunny looks cute. Jasper’s daughter or a love interest?

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Chapter 05

3 comics.